📣ASTA [Normal] Started cross-chain bridge service

Hello, this is ASTA, an evolving virtual asset platform.

We are announcing the provision of the ASTA cross-chain bridge service so that virtual assets can be smoothly transferred between BEP-20 based on ERC-20 of ASTA token.

* Official contract address of BEP-20 ASTA token:0xe66e0ebde36556dbaef82a9d7a778896a0c40b76

* ASTA Official : https://www.astaplatform.com/

* Bridge Website : https://bridge.astaplatform.com/

* Operation manual(KR) : https://bridge.astaplatform.com/asta_bridge_manual_kr.pdf

⬇️Coinone Announcement⬇️

⬇️Please check the ASTA new channel for more details.⬇️
👉 https://t.me/theastaofficial
👉 https://t.me/theastaofficial_kr
👉 https://open.kakao.com/o/gxSjRnxe



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